A 3-Step Process You Can Understand.

CreditAssist.com works to ensure that your credit report is free of errors and only lists information that is accurate and complete.

Federal Consumer Protection Laws require that credit bureaus only report correct, accurate, and verifiable information. Through our 3-step process, we help ensure your creditors don’t report inaccurate information to the credit bureaus.


1. Getting Started

You can get started by telephone. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. We’ll review your credit report with you, help you identify areas of concern, and discuss what options may be available to you.

2. Review and Plan

One of our representatives will provide personalized advice based on your credit report to help you understand the best course of action. Then you’ll be able to prioritize each item based on your credit goals.

3. The Dispute Process

This is where having us on your side becomes crucial to achieving your goals. We have extensive knowledge of credit protection laws to try and get you the best possible results for your credit disputes.

Here's how we can help.

Knowledge on Your Side

Credit bureaus and creditors have experts working for them. Why not have a dedicated team with subject matter expertise in your corner.

Personalized Game Plan

Your credit report and profile are unique to you. We’ll develop a custom tailored plan to help you achieve your credit goals.

Track Your Progress

We’ll never leave you out of the loop. Our online portal grants you 24-hour access to your status and dispute progress from any computer or mobile device.

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